Summertime @ 423 E Emerald Ave.

We have been running a bird nursery this summer! Mockingbirds, sparrows, robins, cardinals and surely some wrens. Robins in the tree nestled among honeysuckle vine with cardinals about two bushes over. The mockingbirds had the cedar tree with sparrows in a niche on the back porch eaves and another one is busy with the secondContinue reading “Summertime @ 423 E Emerald Ave.”

Musings About Sunset Beach

Coming to Sunset Beach isn’t coming to the beach. It is coming to Sunset Beach. It is being a Beach Bunny, a member of a diverse group of  smart, creative, don’t mess with me females who have been coming  here for twenty-three years. It is coming before Memorial Day. It is returning year after year to aContinue reading “Musings About Sunset Beach”