Barney Had A Right to be Nervous

This is taken directly from, ” a brief daily email with an excerpt or quote we view as interesting or noteworthy, offered with commentary to provide context.” Wide variety of subjects. provides daily new facts easily. Today’s selection — from Andy and Don by Daniel de Visé.  “Don was fourteen years younger thanContinue reading “Barney Had A Right to be Nervous”

Carpe Diem?

I’ve already acknowledged that isn’t easy to do all the time, at least in a positive way. So if not a day, then try to seize a moment. In times of sorrow, despair or confusion reach for controlling even just a moment. Bewilderment, fear, questions, tears.       When hit with unexpected news, especially bad news,everyone reactsContinue reading “Carpe Diem?”

Aussie Anti-Tourists Live it up in East Tennessee

This is a re-posting of an article I wrote for It is 9,750 miles one way from Melbourne, Australia to Knoxville,Tennessee. It’s a long way to travel to attend a few football games and concerts, but Graham and Debbie Blackley left their lovely home in Bairnsdale, Australia, for an authentic experience in Sevierville, Tennessee.Continue reading “Aussie Anti-Tourists Live it up in East Tennessee”

A Poem from Diana Amman Cruze

Papa’s Recipe by Diana Amman Curze When I was 12 I Saw Papa, father of my father On his front porch swing Waving at life passing by Grey hair combed, suspenders neat Each day a clean, white shirt, soon to be Covered with tobacco spittle Papa was widowed twice, but kept An immaculate house, saveContinue reading “A Poem from Diana Amman Cruze”

Nick’s Cup

I think I  mentioned in one blog that I am not getting any nicer as I age. In fact, I may be going the other direction. I find myself unable, or unwilling, to control my feelings of vexation and irritation while dealing with others in everyday situations. Being on an antidepressant does a lot to adjustContinue reading “Nick’s Cup”