Readers’ Reviews of Favorite Books

I updated the blog “Oh, It’s All About The Books, ‘Bout The Books, ‘Bout the Books” to include favorite reads that have come in the last few days. Here are comments that were included with the books listed, carrots to get thee to the library, the Kindle, the independent bookstore. Any murder mystery by AnneContinue reading “Readers’ Reviews of Favorite Books”

Oh, It’s All About the Books, ‘Bout the Books, ‘Bout the Books

October 19: I updated this page, adding some late arrivals. I asked about 45 people if they would let me know 3 of their favorite reads of the year and 31 responded to my request.  Some cheated and tried to add more than three–those will be mentioned in another blog. There were 3 repeats of titles, All TheContinue reading “Oh, It’s All About the Books, ‘Bout the Books, ‘Bout the Books”