My Own Path by Robin Newcomb Bell

I’ve always felt different from those around me. I don’t quite know what it is, but there is something  – It’s not that I feel  I’m better than others, there is simply something that makes me different. This has always been true. I just don’t quite fit in. Maybe it’s because I spend so muchContinue reading “My Own Path by Robin Newcomb Bell”

The Elite

A few weeks ago I went to the Spirit of the Nations Pow Wow in Jefferson City, Tennessee. I like pow wows for the drums, for the dancing and for the history shared. The fry bread isn’t bad either! Uneasy I’m sure I will sound silly to people who feel skin color doesn’t make a difference inContinue reading “The Elite”

It’s Been A Year!

Believe it or not! Jayne and I have been housemates since last August. We have shared the same KUB bill for a full year now….and still smile about it! She hasn’t left yet, even though just yesterday I had the wrong stove eye turned on and she put her beautiful tomato pie on it and it’sContinue reading “It’s Been A Year!”

Serendipitous Moments this summer

After a delightful afternoon of swimming, this motley crew filled my ’02 Honda Accord for the ride home. Windows all rolled down, radio turned to an oldies station, singing at the top of my lungs. Remember the driver gets to choose the station. Friends gathered on and around the front porch on a blue moonContinue reading “Serendipitous Moments this summer”

Still here

Just in case you were wondering…….I have been caught up in trying to learn a new phone and to tame the files in my pc. My phone problems came after I destroyed my cell phone in the ocean, the one which replaced the one I cleaned in my washing machine. My daughter came to my rescue byContinue reading “Still here”