Musings About Sunset Beach

IMG_6969Coming to Sunset Beach isn’t coming to the beach.
It is coming to Sunset Beach.

It is being a Beach Bunny, a member of a diverse group of  smart, creative, don’t mess with me females who have been coming  here for twenty-three years.

It is coming before Memorial Day.

It is returning year after year to a favorite house.

It is exploring Mary’s Gone Wild Art.IMG_0844

It is accepting the BB mandate to do what you want to do during your visit.

It is connecting with, learning from, laughing with a wide variety of BB, some only once and others regularly.

It is posing fScanned Sunset Beach 011or the group picture taken each year.

It is discovering 40th Street and Madd Inlet.

It is visiting Orton’s Pond to see if osprey are nestingSunset Beach 2015 307

It is going to Southport and eating at the Provision Co. every year.

It is making trips to Myrtle to Dick’s Last Resort.

It is going to the Beach Quarters or a Southport shop and splurging on an outfit you wouldn’t buy at home.

It is learning new skills like crocheting flip flops or geocaching or felting.

IMG_0371It is laughing…sometimes at very weird stuff.

It is accepting the changes that came and will continue to come with the new bridge.pdf265

It is reading what you want to read.IMG_1071

It is catching up with those friends you just see one time a year.

It is joining in on the fight to preserve Bird Island.

It isSunset Beach 2015 131 finding quiet time for yourself on the deck or walking the beach.

It is repeating family history, job history, husband history, health history several times because with four people talking at once it takes awhile.

It is looking at the photo albums and wondering when the dark-haired beauties were replaced by the gray-headed lovelies–or how many shades of blonde there are.

Scanned Sunset Beach 018

It is painting someone’s toenails for the first time in their life.

It is canoeing and kayaking and bike riding.IMG_0639

Sunset Beach 2015 281It is getting up in time to make it to the beach for the sunrise.

It is playing Scrabble, poker, Trivial Pursuit, Dominoes, Head and Foot and
Catan.Sunset Beach 2015 252

It is bird watching and keeping track and still not coming up with the name immediately or maybe having a small disagreement over which bird it really is.

It is walking to Bird Island, hopefully at least once during a visit.

It is writing in a notebook at Kindred Spirit, and it meaning something to your heart to read what others have left for Scanned Sunset Beach 027you to know about them.

It is riding back from Southport at night and listening to Patsy Cline.

It is knowing women who bring so much to your life                                                    just from the time spent here.Scanned Sunset Beach 026

Scanned Sunset Beach 025It is sharing this special  place with your daughter.

It is laughing a everyone’s stories BUT when Sara or Hurleen talk, you listen and you find yourself asking for a repeat of your favorite, like Sara and Roger and their two young children trying to get off the wrong airplane or the complications of your son’s girlfriend who has Tourette syndrome answering the phone in your home.

It is having a bet going on how many rolls of toilet paper 14 women can use int 3.5 days.

It is working a crossword puzzle or the Sunset Bridge jigsaw puzzle as a group.

Scanned Sunset Beach 017

It is skinny dipping on a dark night

It is contributing money to save the old bridge house.

It is takingSunset Beach 2015 083 a gazillion pictures of the sunset each year.

It is seeing the fiddler crabs at low tide in the marsh for the first time.

It is the catch in your throat when you realize it is the last day.

It is hoping that God will be generous and you will return next year and the next and the next.


Published by Judytwiga

I am a freelance writer and photographer who enjoys living close to the action in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the 1980s I created and published Zoo Connections, an international networking publication for non-animal zoo departments. Jobs over the years include working with the developmentally disabled, night front desk at a motel, assistant in development and membership at the NC Zoological Society, Customer Relations manager at Regal Entertainment Group, census enumerator, concessions at University of Tennessee, house cleaner, substitute teacher, sitter for children, houses, and pets. Freelance work at Knoxville News Sentinel and KnoxZine. Contributor to A Knoxville Christmas (2008,2007), and articles for the North Carolina Zoo website. Interested in anything except humorless people and politics. Enjoy reading, Scrabble, Catan, camping. I hold dear family (human and animal), friends, Kenya, Sunset Beach, NC and the Keys.

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