Delicious! is fun fiction by Ruth Reichl, former food critic for the New York Times and publisher of Gourmet Today cookbook. She has written several memoirs that are full of humor and truth and some of the best food descriptions I have ever seen. Delicious! is the same way except it is fiction. Pack itContinue reading “Stuff”

Musings About Sunset Beach

Coming to Sunset Beach isn’t coming to the beach. It is coming to Sunset Beach. It is being a Beach Bunny, a member of a diverse group of  smart, creative, don’t mess with me females who have been coming  here for twenty-three years. It is coming before Memorial Day. It is returning year after year to aContinue reading “Musings About Sunset Beach”

I Don’t Feel So Nice Anymore

I am trying to pinpoint where this feeling comes from, if it is an external or an internal source. I take a pill daily for depression. Actually two pills. The second one is to help the first one do its job to the best of its ability. My body doesn’t utilize the first one soContinue reading “I Don’t Feel So Nice Anymore”

Toss or Keep

I spent a great amount of time collecting all of these “things” I own, and now it is time to decide what is worth keeping. This process started when Mother died, six years ago. It began with her home selling which meant immediate downsizing. There is the initial stage when furniture and other valuables areContinue reading “Toss or Keep”