Encounter in the Fellini Kroger*

Call to action I headed up the aisle of my local Kroger’s to check out when I heard a woman (reaching in the beer case) berating a man, telling him to leave her alone, and as an afterthought, “You better not even think about bothering that young lady.” (a customer he was starting to approach.) IContinue reading “Encounter in the Fellini Kroger*”

One Last Winter Blog

Bitter cold. Snow. Ice. That covers the weather for Knoxville in February. It inconvenienced many of us by temporarily interrupting power or making roads too treacherous to travel. It posed deadly harm in the form of single digit temperatures to the homeless. Weather Cultivates Concern One person posted on Facebook her concerns for a personContinue reading “One Last Winter Blog”

My 70th Year – SeniorPeopleMeet.com

What I Did on my Snow Days The snow days of February pushed me to another first, to check out an online site for the purpose of anonymously checking out people, choosing to speak to those I think sound congenial via the internet with the idea of eventually meeting and dating if you both consent.Continue reading “My 70th Year – SeniorPeopleMeet.com”