Mountain Memory

One spring day a friend, Karen and I were in Cades Cove taking in the visual glory  always found there. She proposed we take Parsons Branch Road as a different way out. Located just beyond the gift shop and grist mill, Parsons Branch is a one way, narrow, winding, eight miles long road.  I don’tContinue reading “Mountain Memory”

My 70th Year – My First Activist March

My last post explains how I found myself, on a very cold day, marching up the steps of the state Capitol building chanting, “My body, my choice.” Why? On the bus ride I asked some of the people around me why they were making the trip. Across the aisle was a mother and daughter. OnContinue reading “My 70th Year – My First Activist March”

Decision Time

It is dark, cold and early Tuesday morning when I wake up before my alarm goes off. I am getting ready to board a bus with 48 other people, mostly unknowns, to travel to the Women’s March on Nashville. This march, a grassroots effort started in Knoxville, developed to remind legislators that participants would beContinue reading “Decision Time”